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Salvajor Disposers
Salvajor Disposers

Available with a Sink Assembly (SA) and 12", 15" or 18" Cone Assembly (CA)
Replace all major brands with Salvajor adaptor mounting kits
Exclusive 1 year replacement warranty

Commercial Disposers


Salvajor Products

ScrapMaster and TroughVeyor

"You can only wash dishes as fast as you can scrap dishes."

Salvajor offers unique solutions when a traditional pre-rinse or fresh water trough simply can't keep up. The ScrapMaster and TroughVeyor use a Salvajor disposer to grind food waste. They recirculate water for scrapping by separating water from food waste while using a minimal amount of fresh water. These systems free up both hands for scrapping which can double or triple the number of dishes an operator can scrap.

Disposer Systems

Salvajor Products
Collector Systems

Scrap, Pot / Pan, and Trough Collectors

For use in areas that restrict the use of food waste disposers

Rather than grinding food waste, Salvajor Collectors collect food waste solids to be disposed of in the trash. Water soluble waste is washed harmlessly down the drain reducing bulk waste and weight. Collectors recirculate water giving them the same benefits as ScrapMaster and TroughVeyor.Collectors are widely used in communities that restrict the use of food waste disposers and are safe to use with grease interceptors and septic systems.

Collector Systems

Salvajor Products
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