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Pot Pan Collector
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U.S. Pat. No. 7,815,134

Pot/Pan Collector™

Designed for scrapping pots, pans and trays in food service establishments. The perfect solution for scrapping and pre-rinsing trays and dishware while collecting food waste solids for composting. This system is commonly used with 3 compartment sinks or powered soaking systems and works well for scrapping both dishes and cafeteria trays. Widely accepted in communities that restrict the use of disposers and are safe to use with grease interceptors and septic systems. Offers a cost effective alternative to pulpers.

Comes standard with Patented Operator Sensing Technology for exclusive water and energy savings. The Pot/Pan Collector knows when the operator is present and when they've stepped away from the work area. The system uses less than 1 GPM (Auto Start Mode) and 2 GPM in standard operating mode while the pre-flushing water plume recirculates at the rate of 30 GPM. In addition to the standard on/off mode, the operator can select from two modes of water/energy saving operation. Auto Start mode puts the system into standby while the operator is away, using no water and negligible electricity. When the operator returns, the system returns to normal operation. In Water Saver mode, the system will run at a reduced flow rate while the operator is away and a normal rate while they are present. Includes an adjustable timer which will shut the system down if the operator doesn't return.

Best suited for use in pot / pan areas or with single door and single or double tank conveyor dishmachines.

Scrap Collector Options and Accessories

Salvage Basin

Scrap Basket

Prison Package Upgrade (security fasteners with tool)

Bolt-Down flanges

Control Panel Security Padlock Hasp

Control Mounting Bracket

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