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Parts Breakdown

Collectors - Past Production Models

S914 and P914

Serial numbers 27000 to 29083 for S914
Serial numbers 26000 to 27116 for P914

S914 and P914

Serial numbers 29084 to 29222 for S914
Serial numbers 27117 to 27186 for P914

S914 and P914

Serial numbers 29223 to 29765 for S914
Serial numbers 27187 to 27667 for P914


Serial numbers 25000 to 26483 for S419


Serial numbers 26484 to 26605 for S419

S914, P914 and S419

Serial numbers 9292 to 10459 for S914
Serial numbers 3013 to 3384 for P914
Serial numbers 4311 to 5535 for P914

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